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Qualifying Brokers License Requirements

There is no separate qualifying broker’s examination.

License Application
Prior to being issued a qualifying broker’s license, an applicant must document that their associate broker’s or equivalent license has been on active status with a real estate brokerage for two of the last five years immediately preceding their application to become a qualifying broker, and must provide a certificate of completion of the Commission-approved 30-hour Brokerage Office Administration course. Applicants with a current license who can document that they were New Mexico qualifying brokers on or before December 31, 2005 are not subject to these requirements, and may regain qualifying broker status by filing a trade name registration form and paying the trade name registration fee to the Commission.

Brokers who were salespersons on January 1, 2006 when the license law was amended to eliminate the salesperson category and were converted to associate broker status shall, in addition to meeting the requirements in the preceding section, document that they have met the requirements for and passed the associate broker’s examination prior to being issued a qualifying broker’s license.

Application for a New Mexico qualifying broker’s license shall be made on the license application form in the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin and shall include:

  1. Non-refundable application fee not to exceed $270. Individuals with a New Mexico real estate associate broker's license may upgrade to a qualifying broker's license at no additional cost.
  2. Completed Fingerprint Certification Form documenting that the applicant has submitted two fingerprint cards to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety for matching with a national arrest record database.
  3. Certificate of insurance documenting that they have a current errors and omissions insurance policy that meets the requirements for such policies as described in Part 5 of the Commission Rules.

Completed license applications shall be submitted to:

New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
New Mexico Real Estate Commission
5200 Oakland Ave., NE Suite B - Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113
(505) 222-9820 - Fax (505) 222-9886 - Toll Free (800) 801-7505

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