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Why Put a Floor Plan on your Listing?

Per the annual NAR Homebuyers and Sellers Survey, consumers consistently rank floor plans as their most desired listing content after standard photos and property data.

Having a floor plan on your listing gives perspective buyers a clear idea of how the property flows, so they arrive at the showing of the home better informed and closer to making their purchase decision.

Floor plans empower home buyers to understand from a quick review of a single image key questions to their home buying decision, such as:
- How big are the rooms?
- Will my furniture fit?
- How does the property layout suit them and their family?

Floor plans also help sellers understand the true measurements and size of their property
before it goes on the market so they’re prepared for what’s going to happen in the inspection and appraisal process. Because of these unique ways that floor plans create a smoother and more effective real estate market, they’ve become ubiquitous in other countries around the world. For example, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and the UK are some of the real estate markets where the use of floor plans on listings is a standard practice.

CubiCasa is a revolutionary mobile app that produces detailed and attractive floor plans from a simple five-minute smartphone scan of a home, and is available for free use to members of SNMMLS.

The app requires no training and no extra equipment; it will work with almost
any smartphone or tablet you already own.
With our partnership with CubiCasa, adding a floor plan to your listing has never been easier.

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