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SUPRA Lockboxes

Low-Energy Bluetooth Supra iBox

  • Click Here: SupraWeb for Agents  
  • Simple one-step shackle release for easy placement on properties
  • Works with any Supra key
  • Interacts seamlessly with most smartphones
  • Roomier key container accommodates 5 keys or 2 gate cards with 2 keys
  • Stores last 100 keybox accesses
  • Customizable access hours for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

2023 Training Schedule

Supra Lockboxes

Lockbox with authorization from the Participant may be purchased for $101.31* per box, which includes a 5 year warranty for LCAR/MLS members.

If you bought a lockbox from another agent that was originally purchased from the MLS you will need to submit to the MLS Specialist, who the seller is and who the buyer is along with the box serial number.

Lockboxes purchased from another association or online will need to be reprogrammed and there is no warranty on boxes that were not originally purchased from the MLS.

If you have a lockbox that has “died” on a house you may use any means necessary to remove it, including cutting the shackle with bolt cutters, we will be happy to exchange it for you. This service only extends to the iBox BT LE Lockboxes.

4001 Fairview Industrial DR SE
Salem, OR 97302-1142

Technical Support: 877-699-6787
Fax: 800-382-6119



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