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Caravan Tours

Caravan Tour meets every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in the LCAR Event Hall. This is a great way to network with fellow REALTOR® and Affiliate Members, learn what is new on the market and gain valuable information at your local association.
Weekly on Wednesday's at noon is the cutoff to get on the list.  Please have someone pitch your listings if you are unable to attend the Tour presentations at 9:00 am on Thursday morning.


How to Add Your Listing to the Caravan List

1.From the “Menu” under Daily Functions go to Tour/Open Houses

2.Under “What to Find” click on the radio button for Tour of Homes

3.From Date or Date Range enter the date of the tour

4.Click on Add/Edit Tour of Homes

5.A Tour of Homes screen will come up with the date range – put in the date of the tour

6.Click  “Add”

7.Put the MLS # of the listing you want on tour, the date of the tour and any comments and click on “Next”

8.This will take you to another Tour of Homes screen that shows the date of the tour and your listing MLS # and address of the property for the tour of homes with “Add”, “Edit” and “Remove.” boxes.

9.Check the box next to the MLS # and click on the “Add” box


You can also add from Menu-Search-My Listings

1.On the listing you want to add, there is a drop down arrow, click on edit listing

2.Under Scheduled Marketing Activities, click on Tour of Homes

3.Make sure the date of the tour is correct and click “Add”


How to make sure your listing got added:

1.  From the “Menu” under Daily Functions go to Tour/Open Houses

2.  Click on Tour/Open Houses, put in the date of the tour and hit “Next”

3.  The list of homes on the tour will come up.

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